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Zetter's Political Companion

  • Whether I need Westminster, devolved governments or our MEPs, Zetter's Political Companion is there to deliver the detail I need. It is simple to use but full of essential details.
    Dr Ian Twinn
    Director of Public Affairs, ISBA
  • Zetter's Political Companion is a cross between the Yellow Pages and Who's Who of UK politics. Unlike Who's Who or the yellow pages, it is comprehensive, easy to folllow, and completely portable. I couldn't do without it.
    Robert Halfon
    MP for Harlow
  • While you can now find out pretty much any information you want in seconds on the internet, in my view for key political information nothing is quicker, more accurate and comprehensive than having a hard copy of Zetter's Political Companion to hand. It's so invaluable to me, I have two copies: one on my desk and one in my briefcase. Indispensable for anyone working in politics.
    Mark McLaren
    Principal Advocate, Which?
  • I have used the Zetter's Political Companion for a number of years and highly recommend it. To have literly everything you would need in one handy, well laid out book regularly updated is invaluable. The number of hours I have saved myself from searching the internet for something which is all to hand is amazing. If you don't have it - get it!
    Malcolm Tyndall
    Director of Communications, Elizabeth Finn Care
  • In a busy MPs office, having Zetter’s Political Companion to hand with contact details for all the UK's politicians is extremely useful.
    Mark Field
    MP for Cities of London and Westminster
  • Zetter’s Political Companion is a pocket-sized mine of information that is invaluable to myself and my staff. Nowhere else can you find all of this information on Whitehall and Westminster in one place.
    Gerry Sutcliffe
    MP for Bradford South

Zetter's Online

  • Zetter's Online is very useful as it is updated regularly and is perfectly suited to searching for details on MPs and their interests quickly.
    Bob Blackman
    MP for Harrow East
  • Zetter's Online has burst on the scene providing easy to access information on politicians throughout the UK . From committees and all party groups, down to politicians' Twitter and Linkedin profiles it is a comprehensive library of data that is concisely compiled - a Tab is dedicated to it on my Internet Explorer.
    Mark Beckett
    Executive Secretary, Enterprise Forum
  • Zetter's Online has everything I need from a political biographical and contact database. It is up-to-date, user-friendly - and affordable.
    Tim Alderslade
    Public Affairs Manager, Airport Operators Association